Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Aussie Diane.

Diane from Australia recently got in touch to ask why this photo I took of her hadn't been used on our website. To make amends I have included it here and will be using it on our main site when I make the final changes to the pictures.
Diane travelled to France to attend our Sport climbing in Provence course before heading to the UK and climbing in the Peak District.
Since getting back home Diane has climbed in the Grampian Mountains and at Arapiles and she is looking forward to her next trip to Europe.
Details of all our courses and holidays can be found at: http://www.climbfrance.com/
Thanks for getting back in touch, Ollie Ryall.


Diane said...

Yay! That's enough fame for me! If only I'd had my hair and make-up stylist on site that day....oh well. Thanks Ollie!

Diane said...

And a further comment - to sort out my mates who claim I'm not climbing in this photo, but in fact crawling. No, I AM climbing...and no, the shadow does not indicate the sun is above me while I'm crawling! It was early morning, my back was facing east....oh it's too complicated!